Decoration, it’s all in the details

When thinking of a concept for an event, we often go very far in the preparation phase, so that every single details is right in our story.

Let’s take a simple chair for instance:

an object that in the setting plays often a very important role. Shall we go for a classic design or a rather state of the art version?
Or rather a mixture, one colour or many color versions.
It makes a difference. Really.

And how about floral decoration?

Do we work with a floral artist known internationally or do we prefer a local florist with lots of taste to pimp the event?
All depends on the briefing, of course, but we won’t stop until we have found the perfect match fitting into our concept.

And last but not least,

don’t forget to bring the right atmosphere with the right choice of lights. Subtle or ‘highlights’? Everything works as long as it fits into the concept.