d-side, together with DDB (the ATL agency from VW), were selected to co-ordinate together the Volkswagen brand activation plan in the Kinepolis movie theatres, in order to strenghten the partnership between VW and Kinepolis. And to ensure a permanent visibility.

Therefor, we had not only to communicate about VW but had also the challenge to display the range of volkswagen.
The exposure of a marvellous and very spacious booth (especially designed by d-side ‘stand’) where we can change the cars exposed or the communication whenever VW wants us to, was our challenge!

What about the brand activations itself? Various of interactive animations, contests and visibility actions took place since the start up: a romantic contest for Valentine’s day, a contest regarding the dealer days (think blue), a real egg hunt for kids organized in the complex, an appealing global communication about future activities & events (event program)… And more is to come !

So let’s discover our work througout the complexes in Kinepolis… & don’t hesitate to be connected or become a fan of www.vwconnect.be …   We at d-side already are !

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