Toyota enters the iQ for the Car Of The Year award

Every year, carmakers compete to be voted Car of the Year.

Last year, Toyota waspresenting the iQ, a revolutionary vehicle which has already started selling well in Belgium.

The iQ is revolutionary in that it is one of the smallest cars on the market, a real city car but with space for at least one adult or several pieces of luggage in the back… with CO² emissions in the region of 100 gr/km depending on the engine… and hence significant federal and regional tax breaks…

The iQ is a perfect marriage of attractive and creative design, ecology and driving pleasure. An average of 10 journalists a day from all over Europe came to Brussels between 27 May and 3 June.

Upon arrival at Zaventem, they each took possession of an iQ for an hour and a half’s test drive, finishing at Loupoigne near Nivelles, at a former farm (the Indrani Lodge) renovated in a sensitive and creative way, in the spirit of the iQ.

They were given a 30-minute presentation in the main garage, around the indoor pool. Then, after a quick and convivial lunch, the journalists set off again for an hour’s exploration of the roads in the region, arriving back at Zaventem, from where they returned to their home countries. Very much a B2B event, hinging on the messages and the positioning of the iQ, and managed from start to finish by d-side.


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