The 2014 edition of the Year End Fair of Carrefour took place in Tour & Taxis in September. With more than 180 exhibitors covering more than 8000m² of exhibitions and 3000 participants, the fair was a great success. According to Luc Demez, Directeur Exploitation Carrefour Market, this contributed to reinforcing the constructive and commercial image of Carrefour, for both franchisees and integrated stores. Same positive feedback from Giosino Cornacchia, Directeur Operational Carrefour Market Franchise, who recalls only meeting happy suppliers, delighted franchisees and proud collaborators during the event.

Carrefour had requested that d-side generate traffic towards the stand of the Carrefour products through a mix of live capture and digital content. We did this by diffusing their message using 19 screens located in the main walkways of the fair and with a football animation developed in partnership with Eventattitude.
d-side also implemented digital terminals associated to Carrefour or A-Brand products. The visitors were invited to scan their badge on the terminal and participate to an incentive. The objective behind this was to smoothly influence the visitors to pass by all areas of the fair.

This fair was the 10th successful collaboration between Carrefour and d-side, whose missions were to coordinate the event both for the commercial relationship with exhibitors and for the overall operational, creative and technical execution of the event.