The new SAP Lounge: a success story

The location

The historical building of Het Tuchthuis in Vilvoorde has an extraordinary past and a bright future: from psychiatric institution to military training grounds, it has now been converted into an appealing, easily accessible and astonishingly practical series of buildings that house both offices and living quarters. The historical grandeur has been masterfully retained, while extensive transformation work has ensured the buildings meet the most demanding modern-day needs. Everything told us this would be the ideal location for our venture, and we were right.

Interior design

Such an impressive location called for an impressive interior. The overwhelming vertical lines and gothic feel of the building were the inspiration for architect Caroline Notté’s striking design: a powerful colour code of white, black, gold and silver highlight the building’s most beautiful attributes, while the modern-day facilities subtly integrate the original architectural elements.

Our design team complemented this stylish and bold interior with some specially designed furniture, while our graphic designers ensured the barcode theme and colour code were perfect carried through into the smallest details, to create a perfect sense of harmony and unity throughout.

The SAP community

The new SAP Lounge offers a unique environment for the SAP ecosystem, where people from SAP, partners and clients can come together to meet and do business, but also relax and enjoy a drink or savour some of the kitchen’s inspiring dishes. The building offers 3 floors of meeting spaces, dedicated meeting rooms for SAP and the Foundation partners as well as larger conference rooms, all equipped with the most modern technology. It has rapidly become the “place to be” for anyone involved with SAP, and the centre of SAP-related content. Mission accomplished!


From small, recurring seminars to grandiose, unique events: the SAP Lounge offers almost unlimited possibilities. The SAP World Tour, which takes place once a year, is without doubt the highlight of the SAP Lounge’s calendar, spanning 2 days and welcoming over 850 participants. The 2009 edition was an incredible success and proof yet again of the force of collaboration between our different departments. But as well as catering to SAP and SAP’s partners’ needs, the SAP Lounge is also open to external parties wishing to enjoy its facilities. For business events or for social gatherings, it has become an event location in its own right.

Also remarkable is the close integration of D-side’s ecosystem with that of SAP. A chocolate tasting by D-side client Côte d’Or during an SAP event creates a new dynamic that benefits both parties and highlights once again our inventive thinking.

The SAP Lounge team

Of course, none of this could run smoothly without our small but extremely dedicated SAP Lounge team. The work they accomplish is a feat in itself, running a sometimes hectic, always demanding event location with a masterful hand. They are assisted in their task by our online department, the creators of the location’s tailor-made reservation system.

Efficiency is key, and the tight deadlines and variety of projects keep them on their toes, delivering outstanding work day in, day out.

When SAP challenged us to come up with a worthy successor to the third SAP Lounge, the already immensely successful 2FC studios, we rose to the occasion.

It was no small feat finding a location that could meet the client’s exacting demands: a meeting place, first and foremost, but also an expression of SAP’s spirit of innovation, constant pursuit of excellence and a place worthy of their market leader position.

The result is an astonishing location, brilliantly converted into an inspiring, innovative meeting place where the SAP community can thrive. The fourth SAP Lounge may possibly be the most successful venue yet, and this could not have been achieved without the combined efforts of all of D-side’s resources. This success truly celebrates our strength: our ability to realise complex projects by pulling together the wealth of knowledge, experience and vision that lie within our different divisions, proving that the whole really is more than just the sum of its parts.