Star Conference for one of d-side’s clients

d-side group organized for one of their clients a Star Conference in Palais de Plume in Ittre, at the end of May.

The goal of this event was to organize a yearly business conference & networking event, and to attract the Top 100 clients.

The theme developed for this Star Conference was ‘The Startist’; a mixture of “Stars” and “The Artist” (= the movie).

Event wise, this meant that the film The Artist was our point of departure for a top event: similar decors were created and decoration was in line with the movie
, music atmosphere, … Besides that stars such as Jef Neve who played the piano of the music for the Artist was one of the guests and participated in a debate with Jan Verheyen. Of course, the concert of Jef Neve was the cherry on the cake and the guests enjoyed this private moment very much.

A great event with great results: 95% of the attendees were very satisfied to have participated and even 100% wants to revisit the event next year and understood the concept of the Startist complety.