SAP Forum

SAP invited all their partners and clients, 600 persons in total, to the annual SAP FORUM. d-side helped to realize this event from concept & communication until execution.
The spectacular museum Autoworld was the setting for the SAP FORUM.

The concept
The theme of the event was “Formula 1”, linked to communication objectives SAP pointed out and so obviously, Autoworld was the best location to organize this event.
d-side created pit stops where the partners booths were installed. Guests received lots of gifts which were branded in the SAP house-style and related to the concept.

The event
During this event the invitees had the possibility to discover all new technologies and strategies of SAP via 8 keynote sessions.
After every session there was a break-out moment where the guests had the possibility to “drive” to a pit stop to supply themselves with information.
For those who had a shortage of energy, an energy drink branded in the SAP FORUM house-style was offered.
Guests who had too much energy could take the challenge in the car simulator.

After a full day of racing through all the information, everybody went home like winners.
Let’s say it was a real win-win situation.

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