Same Family, New Generation

What did we do?
Mestdagh organized a huge personnel event/convention on 9/09/2012 in the Spiroudome in Charleroi, for more than 1300 p,to announce new strategic choices and future challenges, now that Carrefour Market – Groupe Mestdagh will become the new brand of the Mestdagh-business.
D-side did the overall organization, such as catering – transport with 25 departures – communication – video production – logistics – …

The main objective of these changes is to prepare Mestdagh for the future, with the support of Carrefour, and the commitment of employees.

All by keeping the family approach in everything they do, in the head office but on the field as well.

Did we think of a concept? Of course !!
The concept conceived for this event: “Same Family, new generations” matched perfectly with the Mestdagh approach.
Same family as the family Mestdagh is still leading de company in the day2day management, new generations stands for doing business, shopping concept, brand, warehouses, …

How was the concept declined in the event?
If you’ll look at the visuals, you’ll immediately understand that the ‘pedigree’ was our point of departure for all communication elements, such as invitations, posters, …
Link towards the family, but also a tree as clear choice for the future.

But this symbol and all the colours were used also in the roll out of the event: integration in the presentations and videos during the event, in the decoration, in the gifts, …

Special guests?
First of all the Mestdagh show band bringing famous covers, and followed by a mega concert of Suarez !

What did the people think of the event?
Nothing but compliments coming from the management team, until the people working in the supermarkets,
According to their comments, they aprreciated the event very, very, very much!