Outside decoration of the shop

A very delicious New Year for all chocolate lovers starts at the Côte d’Or shop!

Côte d’or decided to create something really special this year, to show its visibility towards the people passing by the shop (located at the Sablon). A special decoration, not just some christmas lights but a very fine, distinguished, stylish setting was thought out for the delicious chocolate shop.

A well-known decorateur did the outside decoration on the façade and in the window of the shop, according the concept: “A delicious christmas, ire-nvented by Côte d’Or”. What did we do?

On the façade there are christmas trees hanging upside down, painted in red, to create a link towards the brand. In the window, there is a christmas tree decorated with transparant Christmas balls filled with Côte d’Or products. Everything, of course, in line with the Côte d’Or guidelines.