One, the Strategic Meeting of Belgacom Group

On 30 January “ONE” organised and coordinated the strategic meeting of the Belgacom group for its members. Belgacom, Skynet, Proximus, BICS, Connectimmo and Telindus in BruExpo (plenary session) and Kinepolis (seminars).

Why a “ONE” concept? In a strategic meeting it is important that all the “team members” are headed for the same goal and that the group feeling is communicated as clearly as possible, hence the ONE recommendation.

The concept was presented visually by means of scrabble tiles, which together with a nice Queen tune (One man, One goal, One mission) was the thread throughout the event. Mr One, One minute warming up, One questions, scrabble attributes, a One scrabble city that served as the setting of a 3D presentation and real large scrabble tiles rolling through the audience as the finale all elements that brought the concept to life. One, a concept that is not limited to this event, but also declined internally at Belgacom.

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