National ceremony at The Inter-Allied Memorial

The event took place at the Allies’ Memorial, in Cointe (Liège), for the ceremonies commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First World War. For this occasion, d-side developed a new registration platform enabling suppliers, delegates and press to register and apply for the accreditation.

d-side also showcased its new badging system, assisting the Federal Organizing Committee in distributing the accreditations at the event and keeping track of attendees.

His Majesty the King of Belgium attended the national ceremony and it was at this symbolic location, that representatives from all over Belgium and delegations from various countries commemorated the outbreak of the First World War. Together, we remembered the many victims of the conflict as well as Belgium’s brave resistance, in a solemn ceremony, where the focus was on reconciliation.

Credit for the pictures: © SPF Chancellerie du Premier Ministre