Medtronic gifts

Medtronic, the leader in medical technology, is a client from d-side promo since 5 years.

Medtronic is collaborating with d-side for all kind of personalised gifts to support their products launches, meetings, congresses or other events.
Going from the more ordinary giveaways as lanyard, pens or agendas to the most extraordinary such as apples with logo, d-side respects the coherence between the goods provided and the different actions of Medtronic. For all gifts provided d-side has high commitment to respect the Medtronic brand guidelines and sustainability.
Since 2010, Medtronic has decided to open an online boutique for their branch offices. This boutique allows smaller countries to order tailor made and customized Medtronic items.
This boutique is exclusively managed by d-side. D-side is in charge of the realisation of the online platform, the selection of the goods, the contacts with partners and client, etc.

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