Know Your Firm

During two days, all employees of all levels were invited to learn more about their own company Deloitte in a beautiful surrounding at Square Brussels.

d-side was responsible for the whole organization, coordination and production of this 2 day event. The stage, which was in line with the theme, was created by our own internal department d-side stand.

1600 persons attended the interactive presentation with voting system, Motion Gesture and presentations of their own BU.  This dynamic entity led to an extensive knowledge that contributes to the future of Deloitte.

Should the participants after the presentations haven’t obtained enough knowledge, there was still the Motion Gesture application.

This application is controlled by human activity (it responds to movements). All the guests could look up for the necessary information on Deloitte just by a ‘hand’ click (videos, presentations, statistics, internal communication, ….).

Do we need more proof that all employees have become Deloitte-ambassadors?


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