Junior Diabetes Cup 2012

Medtronic organizes every year in Switserland their “Junior Diabetes Cup” for all European countries who want to participate.

The mechanism is very simple: every country organizes their preselection and sends the best team of junior players (8- 12 years old) to the Finale in Switserland, with of course, the hope and the dream to win the European Junior Diabetes Cup.

This year d-side helped organizing the preselection of this Cup in Belgium, in merchtem, on the 30 th of June. Carl Huybrechts did the presentation of the event, Sugar Free did a great artistic performance and extra animation, for kids who wanted to do something else than football, was foreseen.

All the guests enjoyed this sunny day in a sporty environment and were pleased with the professional approach.

And let’s hope that the Belgian team will win !!