Jump | Belgacom Annual Strategy Event 2012

Belgacom Group asked a detailed proposal for their annual Strategy Event; the moment when the Management Committee shares the strategy to follow for the upcoming year. The message to share this year was ‘Accelerate’.

d-side proposed the theme ‘Jump’, as that is the way to unleash free energy – a way to change territory – as the small step which is the beginning of a longer journey. Supported with Cedric Dumont (the skydiver) as keynote, the message became clear to the audience.

The Gold Hall of Square was the place where it all happened on Thursday 26th of January. 1100 guests were immersed by several presentations during a very dynamic presentation, all of this hosted by Virginie Claes.

Questions could be asked with a newly developed online, but closed, tool.

Thanks to the in-house talents of stand – promo – graphic & event, it became a great success.

And the DJ … Well, let’s keep it on ‘a long night’ ;-)



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