ING Day 2013

The scope
ING wanted to organize a unique event for its personnel (ING Belgium).
This in order to create the “group spirit”, to make the people proud to be orange and to speed up the adoption of their strategy (preferred bank 2015).

What did we propose?
The concept we came up with was fun, easy, accessible but at the same time quite challenging: “Going for 2015. Because your step can make the difference.’
With 2015, we did not only refer to ING’s strategy (PB 2015) but also to the fact that we were going to set a World Record, with a real and tangible number: 2015 km.

Every employee was invited to the ING Day in the King Baldwin Stadium in Brussels, for an evening event. The invitation itself was a relay stick and illustrated the fact that their presence was needed to take the challenge.

Once arrived at the event, and after taken the Challenge in the Stadium, the visitors could sign their name on a huge commitment banner, enjoy a real ‘ING village’ with various animations, taste local food from all Belgian’s provinces, enjoy a drink among colleagues, …

After the World Record was achieved, Unicef’s ambassador Helmut Lotti came on stage and received a ‘cheque’ from ING’s CEO. All of this was followed by a super concert with Puggy and a DJ set of DJ Ax! Many orange touches were integrated and brought by the ING employees to stress the fact that everyone is Proud to be Orange, and not only during this event, but every single day.

Needless to say that their step really made the difference.

Some facts & figures:
attendance, 5000 attendees or 50% of ING Belgium
3128 km realized instead of the 2015 km we targeted