GO For Zero Night Life Activations

BIVV-IBSR briefed d-side on nightlife activations to support their global GO For Zero-campaign, with as target: the youngsters.

They wanted to set up a sensitization activation towards the target 18-24 in discotheques, and this to make them aware of the problem of weekend accidents.

4 main themes are raised during this campaign and need to be reflected in a fun but serious and unexpected way:
- the combination of driving with alcohol, the use of drugs, the fact of being tired when driving or driving too fast is not a good mixture to guarantee everyone’s safety.

D-side and partners thought of a creative photobooth where the youngsters are invited to take place and where a picture of them is taken in their favourite kind of car. During the photoshoot there is a surprise effect so that the result of the pictures is not always what the youngsters thought it could be.

All pictures are posted on facebook with a message and are offered to the participants in a print version.

These activations are planned in 2011 and 2012 so that a minimum of 20 000 people are ‘touched’ immediately by our field actions.

View the video (at 2min40)

GO For Zero Night Life Activations

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