GE GEstures @ Frankfurt Airport


GE has already installed 2.000 wind turbines in Germany and keeps developing green energy.

GE’s marketing team wanted air travellers to know that energy produced by wind turbines is powering many cities. All in a playful and instructive way.


Use your green energy to power the city!

A big screen has been installed in the Frankfurt airport. To answer to information need, Brandfirst created 6 different messages and facts about GE’s wind turbines in Germany. These messages appeared on the screen when there was no activity.

For the playful part, Brandfirst suggested and developed an interactive application. The application showed 3 wind turbines overlooking a virtual city in total darkness. These wind turbines were driven by moving hands in circular movements in front of the turbine’s noses. The more the hands moved in circular movements, the more the city lit up. When slowing down the pace of the hand movements the city got darker again. Run of was 40 seconds. A ranking assumed the Megawatts production on the screen.

Ranking and experience were directly shared on Facebook thanks to a live station.

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