D’Ieteren celebrates its bicentenary with D-side event

When a family firm has been in business for 200 years, the event is well worth celebrating. The D’Ieteren Group today comprises 3 business divisions, employs a 17,000 strong workforce and is present in 117 countries, a feat managed over 7 generations. It is therefore only right that the D’Ieteren Group should take pride in marking this anniversary this year, by creating for the occasion the « D’Ieteren Gallery ».

This fully-fledged museum, tracing back the history of the D’Ieteren Group, houses a collection of around 100 old cars, documents and memorabilia, spread over 4000 m², that reflect this extraordinary achievement. The extensive logistics and the global and very complex hospitality of the D’Ieteren Gallery were entrusted by D’Ieteren to d-side event, which is responsible for organising around 70 successive events from A to Z, during which nothing can be left to chance. The entire d-side group team would like to use this article to wish all of the employees of the D’Ieteren group a very happy birthday.