3d video mapping for the New Citroën C4 launch

Citroën has chosen to work with d-side for the presentation in avant-première of the new Citroën C4 to both their dealer network and fleet customers.

The show for the launch of the new Citroën C4 was all about new technologies, using the video mapping in 3D during the whole presentation. Video mapping in 3D is really impressive for the public as images are not only projected on a screen, but also on volumes. This part has been developed together with ETC and Lever de Rideau. In addition to that, all presentations have been developed in Keynote, a good way to make your presentations more appealing.

The new Citroën C4 event took place in October at the Brabanthal in Leuven; a great empty space in which we have created different areas and atmospheres for the product presentation, the cocktail, the exhibition area and the dinner.

From A to Z, d-side has been in charge of this project: invitations, registration website, implementation & technical coordination, presentations & speeches management, and all logistics aspects.

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