An amazing multimedia show

175 years of History with a capital letter, as well as the everyday story of Belgium, conveyed via the projection of giant images: that is what lies in store for spectators at the centre of a huge projection cube created out of 4 x 50 m long by 10 m high screens set up in the mythical Hall 5 of the Brussels Expo, which is this year celebrating its 75th birthday!

These 2,000 m² of screens will reflect a Belgium rich in events, personalities and creations. Hundreds of images that are anchored in our collective memory will come up on the screens as a reminder of past events. Others will make us aware of the potential of which we can be proud, by putting into perspective works of art and facts that evoke the economic and social development of the country, that illustrate both its everyday life and its highlights and that underline the factors that make up the federal, tri-community and multicultural Belgium of 2005.

This ambitious contemporary fresco, entrusted to d-side event by Brussels Expo, the Prime Minister’s Office and the FEB, and that will welcome the Royal Family, members of government and guests from 175 companies selected by FEB, will illustrate, via the life of its people and important events, the many specific characteristics of a country that is building its future every day.


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