Creating Tomorrows Values in a Todays Show

D-Side organised the production and content for the largest national personnel event ever organised by Deloitte. A package of highly important strategic information was attractively wrapped up in a dynamic presentation style with sections ex cathedra, interview style, panel discussions and even a type of “laatste show”set-up being used to make everything as dynamic as possible.

Fronted by a top presentation team consisting of Ann De Baetselier and Wim De Vilder and enlivened by a number of powerful video clips, employees were brought up to date not only on the results of the past year but more importantly on the trends for the coming year. An artistic interaction with an artist who literally sees the world from a different perspective symbolised Deloitte’s new approach. A lovely show ended the closing speech as part of a 20 minute-long closing spectacle.

The two thousand guests enjoyed a host of top national and international artists. The giant screen in the background provided for a unique visual interaction between picture and performer. The concept was the dolphin of Deloitte finding its way in the ocean of opportunities.