Come and see how you fit in!

Deloitte organizes every year the ‘Discovery Days’ of Deloitte where students are invited to see how they fit in!

The company wants to hire and attract young graduates by making the company more transparent for them. The Deloitte Discovery Days takes place in four cities such as Leuven, Antwerp, Ghent and Louvain la Neuve, each on a different day.

D-side was responsible for registration interface with badging, the location, the technical and logistical support and the decoration of the venue. The students were able to interact during the presentation (SMS-voting and contest) and to network at the end of the presentation with the people of Deloitte.

D-side is proud to say that this was another successful collaboration with Deloitte that contributes to a continuation of future projects!

But the most important result: Deloitte looked for young graduates and found new workforce!

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