Business & Product Meeting

Last November, Toyota presented the latest additions to its range to its dealer network: the iQ, the Urban Cruiser and the Avensis.

The three vehicles presented have quite different looks and target markets. That is why d-side created a setting in which each had its own identity, where each speaker presented the model in a creative and original way, often involving the audience.

The iQ is quite a revolutionary vehicle in that it has the best ratio of size to number of passengers on the market. It is also very sparing in CO² emissions. The Urban Cruiser is a very entertaining, very urban model, which already enjoyed great success in the USA under the name Scion. The Avensis, Toyota’s mid-range saloon, was shown in two versions: 4-door and estate. It is built in Europe (in the UK) and is already on its fourth generation.

D-side took care of the venue, the decor and furnishing, the rehearsals and reveals, the artistic aspects, the pre-dinner cocktails and the rest… while taking care not to get out of step with the tough economic period car makers are going through. So the priority was on content and quality, with a few light touches to leave a positive impression.

Dancers, actors, a parade, Segways – a harmonious artistic whole reinforced by the use of videos and a comprehensive visual setting.

450 people attended this presentation at a top-secret location…

Although the future may be difficult, it looks promising for Toyota which intends to fit most of its models with the hybrid engine that made the Prius a worldwide sensation, starting with the Auris Hybrid announced at the Frankfurt Show in September and due to be launched in 2010.

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