Dear d-siders,

You might have noticed that one of the colleagues was walking around lately, with a voice recorder, kindly asking to record your voices, while saying HELLOOOOOO.

Some of you asked, ‘What is the purpose of this funny stuff?’ and so we are happy to keep you no longer waiting.
Since we were asked to give the best of ourselves in 2011, we give you a brand new contest (after the April Fish contest) where you’ll have to guess whose voice you hear (on our blog).

But not only voices you know, we need also your vision on the ‘weird sound’. The sound you hear when you are in the meeting rooms.

So participate and win another great prize during the announcement of the winner, on Tuesday 7th of June during lunch.

Play, win and smile !
The d-side team

Participate and win a nice prize !

Try to guess whose voice you hear

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