Belgium celebrates its 175th birthday at Brussels Expo with a grandiose multimedia show!

Brussels Expo, which is this year celebrating its 75th anniversary, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the FEB/VBO entrusted D-SIDE EVENT to come up with a concept and to organise 2 spectacular gala evenings held within the framework of the economic contribution to the 175/25 festivities in Hall 5 of Brussels Expo in the presence of 5000 company directors, foreign investors and the highest authorities of the country, starting with our Sovereigns, the Princes of Brabant and the Prime Minister. To mark the occasion, the FEB dedicated an exhibition to the 175 leading Belgian companies at international level and d-side designed, produced and coordinated a 360° multimedia show projected onto 2000 m² of screens, while at the same time Belgium’s Michelin-starred chefs and most prestigious fashion designers (selected by the FEB) delighted guests with their creations between each sequence of images at the heart of Hall 5. For d-side, the event presented both a creative and logistical challenge.

Creative, in that each course was interrupted by sequences of images that were to summarise in only 40 minutes and taking into account the linguistic and regional sensitivities, the entire history of the country via a large contemporary fresco composed of re-enactments and images illustrating our cultural, economic, political and social heritage. A logistical challenge also, as this event was organised in only a few months by our team and went by without a hitch despite the race against the clock and the multitude of security, technical and budgetary constraints. A challenge that would not have been possible without the sheer dynamism and professionalism of Brussels Expo! An event whose success was broadly applauded by the entire Belgian press and by the general public, who were able to catch a glimpse of a few extracts in the course of 4 public days.