Belgian sneak preview of the Audi Q7

D’Ieteren trusted D-Side with the concept and organisation of the sneak preview of the newest SUV: ‘the Q7 Lounge’. The VIP event took place in the exclusive surroundings of the Groenhoven Estate at Londerzeel, from 1 to 15 October on the theme of “The Fine Art of Living” branded Audi Q7.

Visitors, invited by dealers, not only got to discover the newest SUV, but could also visit the castle, art expo, beautiful gardens and Crouziers light sculptures. And what did the guests think of the event (quotes from guestbook): “Breathtaking”, “It’s not just the car that’s WOW”, “Trendy & beautiful, the Q7 rocks”, “Wonderful SUV, wonderful surroundings”, “My dream car in a setting to dream about while I’m on the road, and mouth-watering, too”,…

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