Audi Sportscar Experience

Audi AG (Germany) has drawn up a European programme for its customers and prospects, designed to promote the sporting image of Audi and its flagship models like the R8 V10.

The aim is to win loyal customers for its top-of-the-range models, to convince prospective buyers of the power and driving pleasure offered by the models tested, and also to teach them some of the basics of competitive driving on a circuit.

And Audi has not chosen just any circuit; it is using Francorchamps, hired especially for the occasion. Audi Belgium commissioned d-side to organise the whole event, for its own customers and those of Audi AG. This organisation involved creating a specific ‘Audi Sports Car Experience’ website, managing the registrations, fitting out the location, arranging the meals, the hospitality and the customer satisfaction surveys.

The surveys are actually filled in by the participants before and after the event. A comparative analysis of the two documents reveals the impact of the day on the prospects, most of whom become “hot prospects” after such an adventure.

The “brand image” figure rose from an average of 74% at the start of the day to 93% at the end of the event, interest in the models tested went up considerably and all the data collected will support very high-quality CRM monitoring. The success of the ASCEs in terms of image and commercial success for Audi is such that the German carmaker is already planning new sessions for 2012.

2011 Dates: June, September, October


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