Audi quattro Cup

Golf is a game of numbers.

Hundreds of yards mark the distance between hope and reality… One stroke marks the fine line between victory and defeat.

18 holes offer 18 moments of truth, each one a progression of stakes and the renewed opportunity to change the game.

And as 2010 proved, Audi is a brand that knows what it takes to change the game — and the luxury conversation — with numbers that are adding up.

It’s no coincidence that in the same year Audi of America shattered the 100,000 unit benchmark it hosted a record-breaking 60 local quattro® Cup tournaments throughout the United States. With 5,000 participants nationwide, the Audi quattro® Cup 2010 was proof that the brand is hotter than ever and luxury has indeed progressed.

As the Audi quattro® Cup 2011 season begins, it’s time to look forward to another exciting year of competition — both on and off the links. With the Audi A8 leading the way, the introduction of the Audi A7 and the release of the totally reimagined A6 will create a trifecta of luxury that elevates the brand to one of unprecedented prestige. Against the backdrop of the Audi quattro® Cup, dealers have a unique opportunity to casually engage Audi Owners and prospects alike in this new luxury conversation through a golf experience like no other.

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