Audi A3 Sportback e-tron – September 2014

d-side has developed a series of both events and test drives for the Belgian Avant-Première of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron . They took place at the Atomium, a space chosen for its symbolization of the harmonious combination between daring esthetics and technological control; the same relationship you find in the e-tron technology, perfectly combining both combustion and electric engines.

It really is “The Perfect Mix” or “The Best of Both Worlds”!

This brand activation was a very successful project, which received up to 400 test-drives in 4 days, generating the highest attendance rate in Europe (more than in France, Holland, Great Britain and Italy…).

The “e-tron” technology, developed by Audi, revolutionizes mobility. It joins the strategy that aims, in the long term, at producing vehicles that are fully environmental friendly with zero grams of CO2 emission.

‘ Tron ‘ is the generic naming given by Audi to the various types of alternative motorization compared to the classic combustion engine:

  • The « g-tron » engine for gas;
  • The hybrid engines or « e-tron », combustion and electric
  • And finally, the future engines « f-tron », that will run on hydrogen engines and will be commercialized in 2020.