An unlikely performance and fabulous show

For Toyota Material Handling Europe and BT Industries, the d-side team organised the concept and the entire logistics and organisational execution of the press launch of the new BT Levio and BT Staxio, both (stacker and high reach truck) machines to move and manipulate goods in warehouses.

During the week 3 different target groups were able to participate in a busy programme with plenary sessions, various indoor and outdoor workshops, practical sessions and naturally the product launch shows and hospitality dinners. For the product launch show a metaphor was used between Hoplite, the elite Greek warrior for which the country is known, his equipment was coupled with the quality of the new products and their specific values: simplicity (light and flexible, extremely strong…), safety (protection of arms and legs, perfect visibility…) and finally durability (thanks to the excellent design of his equipment, the warrior can deliver top performance, again and again). A magic show that made use of aquatic effects (fountains, geysers and waterscreen), laser and fireworks were used to launch the new products for the press, trainers and distributors.

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