Dear all,

As you all know, we started an internal project in September 2011, for 1212 (horn in Africa) with one common goal: to raise as much money as possible to support 1212 !

We are happy to inform you that we’ve collected 1664,97€ thanks to the sales of many items on ebay such as film vouchers, USB sticks, trips to Essaouira, but also thanks to your donations during the sales of Promo a few weeks ago.

This money has already been donated to 1212 but we wanted to do the official closing on 12/12 at 12:12 o’clock. Many thanks to all our customers who have supported this project, our management and many others !

The d-side team

A special thanks to Emmanuel Andries, Sébastien Lob, Amaury Catlin, Olivier Dumelie, Pierre Lalmand and Jan Vandaele


Yes, we did it again: we gave the best of ourselves, once more !

The 2nd blood collection at d-side was a huge succes and this thanks to the participation of more than 40 d-siders, partners, familie, friends, …

Feel free to check out some pictures

The d-side team

Second blood collection @ d-side Village

At the end of 2010, we decided to give the best of ourselves by organising a blood collection for the Belgian Red Cross.

This initiative was so successful (since more than 75 people participated), that we have decided to continue this yearly tradition.


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12-12 Let’s give the best of ourselves

Our goal
In Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, more than 11 million of people need urgently humanitarian help. The actual crisis, the worst over the past 60 years, is a serious consequence of the drought.

Belgium seems to be one of the countries where 12-12 is not as successful as hoped for.

We cannot just sit and hope for miracles! That’s why we created a task-force to start up a special project and raise money.

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Chers, Besten,
Pour information d-side a decidé de parrainer plusieurs coureurs pour les 20km.
Voici un mot de remerciement et le resultat pour une une des associations.
Donnons le meilleurs de nous meme en 2011.

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Dear d-siders,

You might have noticed that one of the colleagues was walking around lately, with a voice recorder, kindly asking to record your voices, while saying HELLOOOOOO.

Some of you asked, ‘What is the purpose of this funny stuff?’ and so we are happy to keep you no longer waiting.
Since we were asked to give the best of ourselves in 2011, we give you a brand new contest (after the April Fish contest) where you’ll have to guess whose voice you hear (on our blog).

But not only voices you know, we need also your vision on the ‘weird sound’. The sound you hear when you are in the meeting rooms.

So participate and win another great prize during the announcement of the winner, on Tuesday 7th of June during lunch.

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Green Team

As a proud member of MPI’s Green Team, I wasn’t too surprised by recent research that, as of 2009, 62 percent of U.S. companies claim to empower internal teams to create eco-friendly workplaces.

“It’s become part of our jobs to take time to think creatively about sustainability,” says Dedee DeLongpré Johnston, director of sustainability at Wake Forest.

It seems green teams—groups of employees who volunteer to help identify and implement specific sustainable practices in their departments—are flourishing. DeLongpré Johnston says these programs encourage organizations to select green team “captains” to evaluate the current level of sustainable practices in an office or department and make suggestions for ways to improve.

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José Vandam – Concert au profit d’Une Note pour Chacun ASBL

José Van Dam offre un concert Opéra & Bel Canto à l’occasion des 20 ans de l’ASBL Une Note pour Chacun ce mardi 1er mars 2011.

Il partagera la scène avec 3 de ses étudiants de La Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth : la Soprano Soumaya Hallak, la mezzo-Soprano Kessedjian et le baryton Sebastien Parotte. Il sera aussi accompagné d’une talentueuse pianiste de 10 ans, Natasha Binder.

Ce concert philanthropique est organisé par d-sidegroup au profit de “Une Note pour Chacun” – http://www.unenotepourchacun.be/

Réservation : www.Bozar.be ou 02/507.82.00

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We’ll give you the best of ourselves in 2011… And that’s a promise!

May 2011 be full of unforgettable encounters and exceptional moments.

We’ll focus on giving the best of ourselves this year. That’s why we have donated blood to the Belgian Red Cross, a charity that matches our values.

Click here to see the pictures and movie of the brave ones that have participated. And learn how you can make the difference!

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d-side supports Coupole Bruxelloise de l’Autisme (CBA) to build the first sustainable day care centre and shelter for autistic adults

For ten years CBA has struggled to build the first adapted centre for autistic adults in Brussels. Currently, due to a lack of a specialized location for this type of disability, autistic adults are excluded from existing structures or must put up with temporary shelter that may be poorly adapted to their disability.

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