A3 steals the show and the hearts of the fashion addicts

Audi launched the new Audi A3 earlier this year, with as ‘fil rouge’ and concept the combination of Audi and the Fashion industry.Not just ordinary fashion, but a collaboration was proposed to Audi with extra ordinary premium brands to combine with Audi.
Therefore Audi was present with the new model, on different spots where it could reach its target group and extra fashion addicts, to introduce the new Audi A3. Smets Brussels was one of the stores where d-side organized a successful pre-launch of this beautiful car. More than 2000 Audi lovers went to discover it !

d-side @ Tomorrowland !

d-side is proud to announce that one of its colleagues has been selected to play at Tomorrowland this year.

Laurent Demeuter, young upcoming DJ talent and resident in The Wood in Brussels, will be doing his set on Sunday evening 29th of July.

We wish him lots of luck and hope that the visitors will enjoy his musical ‘session’.

Go go go Laurent !


Voici logoloop®, l’imprimé ultra-malin aux innombrables possibilités. : une brochure tactile qui se “déroule” littéralement entre vos mains. logoloop® peut être envoyé comme n’importe quel mailing conventionnel mais il “pique” immédiatement la curiosité aussitôt pris en main.

Vous pouvez le déplier, encore et encore, afin de découvrir de nouvelles faces ! un effet « magique » !

Bien qu’il ne soit constitué que de deux surfaces, il fascine et amuse à chaque nouvelle manipulation. Sa grande surface d’impression permettra de présenter vos messages, vos produits ou même de raconter une histoire de façon ludique et créative !

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Go For Zero-campaign: an interactive photo booth !

d-side developed a field animation for BIVV – IBSR last year, to support the Go For Zero-campaign: an interactive photo booth !
The animation is now up and running since 1 year and more than 100 discotheques or festivals and more than 10 000 youngsters had the opportunity to enjoy this interactive experience, with a clear message. A coronation on the work that has been done, is the fact that the animation won a bronze award during the CCB. Check out the video to learn more.

Solvay Schools Alumni in the d-side village

Mc Kinsey & d-sidegroup have taken Solvay Alumni on a journey in the d-side village with world-famous brands such as L’Oréal, Marlboro, LVMH, BIC,Sodexo and ClubMed, from Brussels to New York, via Paris and Dubaï, from modern international retail distribution to local wholesalers and Middle-East distributors, from 360° communication media mix strategies to very targeted and effective PR action plans, from organic growth to acquisitions, from simple product refreshes to groundbreaking product & service innovations, capitalizing on 56 cumulated years of marketing experience.

Our speakers have shared their major marketing learnings and take-aways from these different industries.

SoftKinetic announces pocket-sized DepthSense 325 gesture recognition camera kit

It seems like just yesterday that we were sampling SoftKinetic’s gesture control systems at CES, but the company is back today with its latest developer-targeted hardware.

The DephSense 325 is a pocket-sized camera (SoftKinetic claims it’s the smallest such device in the world) that can “see” in high-definition 2D and also analyze 3D depth. Whereas the DS311 we played with in January could detect finger movement from as close as 15 centimeters, the company has managed to shrink that distance even further to just 10cm.

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Akawa, booster of human potential by action, is now present in Luxembourg

Human Resources Management is one of the key success factors for the competitiveness of today’s organizations…. Akawa, booster of human potential by action, is now present in Luxembourg through a partnership with www.hc-focus Luxembourg. Akawa is strengthening the range of proposed services in form’action and human ressources consulting thanks to the support of experienced HR Professionals of www.hc-focus.com

Le leadership : mener son monde à la baguette ?

Riche de son expérience de chef d’orchestre, Michel Podolak, invité par AKAWA et ALTAVIA au sein du D-SIDE VILLAGE, explique comment parvenir à la cohésion d’un groupe en tissant des liens hiérarchisés entre les individus qui le composent et ainsi, poursuivre un objectif commun en parfaite harmonie.

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And the winners are…

Dear d-siders,

Thanks for your active participation to the April Fish Contest 2012 !
You d-signed highly creative fishes once more!

Congratulations to the 2 winners : Emilie and Mathilde !

“Sea” you next year!! :-)

vote for your favorite fish

Dear d-siders & friends,

You’ll find below all the creative fishes that have been created for the April Fish Contest 2012.
May we kindly ask you 2 minutes of your time to vote for your favorite fish?

The final will take place on Friday 20th of April during lunch time @ d-side.
The jury will be:

  • Last year’s winner: Silvio
  • YOU and your votes!

Looking forward to “sea-ing” you on Friday!

Marie, Manu, Anik, Quentin, Laurent

PS: You can vote until 19/04/2012 – 6PM.

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