Our goal
In Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, more than 11 million of people need urgently humanitarian help. The actual crisis, the worst over the past 60 years, is a serious consequence of the drought.

Belgium seems to be one of the countries where 12-12 is not as successful as hoped for.

We cannot just sit and hope for miracles! That’s why we created a task-force to start up a special project and raise money.

We are trying to collect as much money as possible for 12-12

By organising a unique and huge auction on Ebay, where all profit (100%) will be donated to 12-12

What can be sold?
We unite different advertisers who want to donate branded must haves, beautiful collectors items, original gifts, attractive offers,…

(eg: gifts, workshops, gift vouchers, driving experiences, weekends,…)

Can we count you in?
Participate and support the African horn together with us. Let’s take the action all together to make their lives better!

… are planning a PR campaign to launch the project
… can guarantee the visibility of your participation via our communication tools
… are motivated and plan to organize a closing momentum on 12/12/2011

Contact d-side :
Tel | Office : +32 2 730 06 11
Mail | Anik Van Bellegem : a.vanbellegem@d-sidegroup.com
Mail | Quentin Bruyns : q.bruyns@d-sidegroup.com