10th anniversary of the Audi quattro Cup

The Audi quattro Cup competition celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The tournament, launched in 1994, comprises 10 qualification rounds twinned with weekday events reserved for Audi guests, as well as events exclusively for members of the clubs visited.

Each year the competition brings together nearly 1,800 participants and gives D’Ieteren and its sales network the opportunity to boost customer loyalty and also to make new contacts.

Behind the scenes, d-side sport manages tournament registration for guest competitions and has set up a registration system with Audi allowing each client or prospect of the brand to register at the D’Ieteren dealer of their choice.

This system is highly advantageous for Audi since it offers dealers a real customer relations tool, and one that is automated too.

Here are some figures by way of example:

- the 5 ‘guest’ competitions can welcome 700 golfers.
- the registration system opened on the 5th March this year.
- the 700 registrations were complete by the 7th April.
- there were almost one hundred reserve players waiting in 2002.
- a reserve system is no longer possible in 2003 in view of the very low number of cancellations so as not to disappoint waiting teams.

Growing enthusiasm for this tournament means it is possible to have very competitive Belgian teams in the international finals since this is the third year running that Belgium has taken a top place in this ultimate test.

This celebrated competition goes from strength to strength each year, while maintaining the essence of its positioning, that is, sport and the sporting ethos.